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Every Recruitment Agency is required to be licensed by Service Alberta.

Regardless of where they are located, if they help employers in Alberta find employees, help employees find work in Alberta, or evaluate or test people for employers seeking employees, they require Provincial licensing.

Under the Fair Trading Act, all employment or recruitment agencies are required to have an Employment Agency Business License from the Province of Alberta.

Make sure that you understand the provincial regulations. Service Alberta is there to answer your questions if you are not sure that you are being treated ethically.

Questions from the Service Alberta website that you should know about Recruitment and Employment Agencies:

Why does the province license employment agencies?

The province licenses employment agencies to prevent problems in the marketplace.

Sometimes employment agencies charge foreign workers a job placement fee but fail to provide the promised jobs or fail to meet contractual requirements. The province introduced the legislation by establishing regulatory guidelines to prevent or reduce the potential for misrepresentation, fraud or exploitation of workers.

What are the rules on licensing employment agencies that are based in other provinces, but are recruiting workers for Alberta companies?

If the employment agency is acting on behalf of employers hiring for positions in the Province of Alberta, the agency must be licensed under the Alberta Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulations, which follows the regulations of the Canadian Fair Trading Act.

How, if at all, do those rules vary if the company is recruiting temporary foreign workers overseas for an Alberta company?

The regulations apply to any employment agency securing employees for positions in Alberta. They must be licensed under the Alberta Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulations.

What fees can employment agencies charge workers?

An employment agency cannot directly or indirectly demand or charge a fee, reward or other compensation to a person seeking employment or information about employers seeking employees, or for securing employment or information about any employer. To do so is an offence and illegal under the Alberta Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulation.

Employment agencies may charge a fee for services provided, relating to the preparation of a resume, but the agency cannot require a person to purchase these services as a condition of the agency's job placement services. If the agency charges fees for a resume, these must be clearly indicated and visible in their business premises and in the contract with their client.

Staffing Agencies CANNOT charge job placement fees to workers, regardless where they operate in Canada.

West Works carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Please check for yourself.

West Works is a proud member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

With the strength of over 109,000 small business owners from coast-to-coast the CFIB is the big voice for small businesses. For over 40 years, they have represented the interests of the small business community to all three levels of government in their fight for tax fairness, reasonable labour laws and reduction of regulatory paper burden.

Again, Placement Agencies CANNOT charge job placement fees to workers, regardless where they operate in Canada.

If the company is securing employment for Albertans or securing employees for positions in Alberta, it is required to be licensed in Alberta - and must be able to provide a civic business address in Alberta.